When Layton Boats started on a design for the Bay Boat line they partnered with David Sintes of Sintes Fiberglass Designs, Inc. to help them build a boat that would handle well, give you a dry ride and be extremely efficient. Using an innovative and progressive design David Sintes incorporates into his hull designs, similar to the designs seen on Layton’s larger custom boats, they came up with the Layton Bay 22.

In order to achieve a stable platform for fishing and a smooth riding efficient in all sea conditions Layton's boats are created with a progressive "V"design in the hull. Looking at the Stern of the boat you'll see a relatively low dead rise angel of 12 degrees. This gradually deepens as you continue toward the bow ultimately rising to a very steep angle of attack forward. This design provides a stable platform when the boat is at rest or trolling at slows peeds. As power is applied and the boat starts to plane the low deadrise in the stern allows the boat to come up on plane level while continuing to maintain stability. As the boat increases speed and planes out the sharp angle of the bow cuts the water efficiently; moving it back and to the outside of the hull where a sharp chine allows the water to exit the hull cleanly providing a dry ride.